Did you Receive a Postcard About Qualifying for Jury Service?

For those without Internet or computer access, a paper questionnaire is currently being mailed. If you were unable to update your information online through our eJUROR system, a paper questionnaire will be mailed to the address where you received the postcard.

Please note that this is not a summons for jury service. Instead, the postcard and mailed questionnaire are part of a process that allows prospective jurors to be qualified for future jury service. It is important to complete the questionnaire as directed. Grounds for requesting an excuse are included on the questionnaire. Excuse requests are not accepted by telephone. After completing the questionnaire, additional excuse documentation may be returned with your questionnaire, faxed to (304) 347-3027 or emailed to chasjury@wvsd.uscourts.gov

For questions, please use the Jury Help Line Phone Number at (304)-347-3004.

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