Prospective juror qualification questionnaires are currently being mailed. This is not a summons for jury service. Qualification questionnaires are used to obtain information to determine if someone is qualified to serve as a juror. Qualification questionnaires will initially be sent as a postcard with online instructions, to be followed by a paper form if a prospective juror is unable to complete their information online. Summons may be completed online through eJUROR. Information regarding the selection process can be found here.
NOTICE: JURY SCAM - Southern District of West Virginia.
Phone Call Scams and Email Scams Regarding Jury Service May Lead to Fraud
COVID-19 Advisory. On March 25, 2022 the Court issued General Order #14 that suspends the requirement for masks in common areas of the courthouse. Entry to courthouses is subject to the requirements of General Order #2. All of the orders issued related to this matter are available here.
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