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Terms of Service

Petit Jury Pools in the Southern District of West Virginia are selected quarterly to be “on call” for potential jury service for a period of three months (January through March; April through June; July through September; October through December). If directed to report during the three-month period for a jury trial, the juror, if selected, will serve until the time the trial completes. When you are called to report for jury duty, you will be informed of the length of the trial and the start date.

"On call" means you may be called to serve during that time period. You are not expected to be available every day during the term, as the court can schedule your appearances around vacation dates and other conflicts. Please notify the jury clerks of the dates so that they can be noted, and you will not be sent a notice to report during these times. You do not need to report until you are notified by mail of a specific reporting date. The court sends out notices to report approximately one week in advance to notify you of a specific reporting date. The written notice will contain instructions for reporting and calling the jury message phone to confirm whether or not you need to appear on the scheduled reporting date.

Grand Jurors generally serve once a month for an 18-month term of service after being selected. The Grand Jury term may be extended, if necessary, by Court Order.