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Juror Conduct And Courtroom Etiquette

Jurors should be punctual, appropriately dressed, and prepared to proceed through the security checkpoint. Please allow adequate travel time, whether you are traveling in your personal vehicle or using public transportation. In addition, you should add some extra time to secure parking and pass through security.

A court proceeding begins when the judge takes his or her place on the bench, and the court official announces the opening of court. After the proceedings commence, jurors and individuals seated in the gallery should be attentive and quiet. Even whispering may distract the Court and its personnel, and excess noise may prevent the court reporter from accurately reporting the proceedings. Jurors, as well as spectators, should remain in the courtroom until excused.

Jurors should have no conversations with spectators at any point during the trial, and should promptly report to court personnel any attempts by outsiders to approach them. Even after the conclusion of the trial, no one should approach jurors about their service in a specific case.

Jurors should conduct themselves courteously and politely. Treat everyone you encounter, as well as your service to the Court, with respect. For example, reading and talking while seated in the jury box are disrespectful behaviors.

The Clerk’s Office and the Court will extend every consideration to jurors, striving to ensure their comfort and convenience whenever possible. Jurors should bring any matter affecting their service, including personal emergencies, to the attention of the judge. Any court officer will assist jurors and keep the judge informed of their questions and concerns.