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Dress Code

When entering a courtroom, your attire should be respectful to the litigants, their counsel, and the Court; therefore, business attire is suggested. Ties are not required. Shorts, halter or tank tops, clothing exposing the midriff, beachwear, flip-flops, and clothing with offensive graphics, logos, or wording are inappropriate and strongly discouraged. In addition, hats should not be worn unless for religious purposes. The temperature in the courtrooms is usually cool, so you may want to bring a sweater or light jacket. Finally, you must pass through a metal detector each time you enter the courthouse. Please keep this in mind as you choose your clothing and your shoes. Excess metal and jewelry may slow the screening process and delay your admittance to the building.

**PLEASE NOTE: Jurors may not bring weapons of any kind or electronic devices of any kind (such as cell phones, radios, PDAs, tape recorders, computers, cameras, and portable music players) into the courthouse.