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Application for Judicial Branch Federal Employment

AO78 Federal Judicial Branch Application for Employment

Benefits Summary

Employees of the United States District Court are not included in the Government's Civil Service classification. They are, however, entitled to the same benefits as other federal government employees. Some of the benefits are:
Thirteen (13) days of paid vacation per year for the first three years of employment; twenty (20) days of paid vacation for three to fifteen years of service and twenty-six (26) days per year thereafter.
Participation in a retirement program.
Voluntary participation in the federal health insurance program of your choice.
Voluntary participation in a group life insurance program.
Voluntary participation in a group long-term disability insurance program.
Voluntary participation in a flexible spending account for medical and/or dependent care expenses on a pre-tax basis.
A minimum of ten (10) paid holidays per year.
Prescribed salary progression through classification levels with acceptable performance.
Time in-service for employees of other federal agencies, as well as time for those with prior military service, will be taken into consideration when computing leave accrual and retirement benefits.

Local Career Opportunities

Applications are accepted only for announced vacancies. For more information about job announcements, contact Administrative Services for the District Court at 304/347-3086.

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