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Building Security


The  main  goal  of  the  United  States  Marshals  Service  (USMS)  and  Court
Security Officers (CSOs) is to maintain a safe and secure environment for all
who enter the building.  Cooperation from everyone is necessary to achieve
this very important goal.

When planning your visit to the courthouse, please be aware of the following:

What to Expect

You are prohibited from bringing certain items into the
courthouse, including:

  • Weapons of any type
  • Knives, scissors, or anything with a cutting edge
  • Cameras1 or cellular phones2
  •  Liquids of any type

You are required to show current picture identification.

  • Driver’s license
  • United States military ID
  • United States passport

Invalid forms of identification include:

  • Hunting license
  • Library card

You are required to pass through a metal detector staffed by

Items which may set off the metal detector’s alarm include:

  • keys and loose change
  • purses and handbags
  • heavy jewelry
  • watches
  • metal hair barrettes or other hair decoration
  • belt buckles

To avoid setting off an alarm, you will be asked to remove all such items and place them into a plastic bin, which will be sent through a visual screener and returned to you immediately after you have passed through the metal detector. 

If an alarm on the metal detector is set off as you pass through, CSOs must  identify the source of the alarm.  You will be required to undergo additional screening, which may include passing through the metal detector a second time.
Keep in mind that touching the sides of the metal detector may set off an alarm.  It is recommended that you to keep your hands to your sides as you pass through to help avoid additional screening.

1Cameras and Recording Equipment – Pursuant to  LR Civ P 83.10, taking photographs in the courtroom or in the corridors immediately adjacent to the courtroom during judicial proceedings or during any recess and the transmitting or sound recording of proceedings for broadcast by radio or television is not permitted.  Upon approval of the court and under its supervision, proceedings other than judicial proceedings designed and conducted as ceremonies, such as administering oaths of office to appointed officials of the court, presentation of portraits,  naturalization proceedings, and similar ceremonial occasions, may be photographed in or broadcast from the courtroom.  Pursuant to LR Civ P 83.11, the CSO or Marshal may impound any camera, recording, broadcasting and other related equipment brought into the courtroom or the adjacent corridors in violation of LR Civ P 83.11.  The impounded equipment will be returned to its owner or custodian after the proceedings has concluded.

2Cellular phones - Pursuant to  LR Civ P 83.15 (e), only attorneys, court reporters and court interpreters conducting official business at a federal courthouse in this District are permitted limited use of wireless communication devices, such as cellular telephones, pagers, personal data assistants (PDAs), BlackBerrys, and laptop computers.  Any other individual who brings a wireless device into a federal courthouse in this District will be required by the CSOs to deposit such device in storage facilities as provided at the front entry of the building, to be retrieved upon leaving the courthouse.