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Maintaining Current Contact Information

The Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Filing require CM/ECF users to maintain current and accurate contact information in the CM/ECF System account.  See Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Filing, Registration 6.2.  CM/ECF users may log in to CM/ECF and update their e-mail address and phone numbers whenever this information changes, but must notify the Clerk’s Office, in writing, of any change to their Firm name and address. Attorneys practicing before the Court, as well as pro se litigants, with pending cases, should complete such updates within 5 days of any change in personal contact information.  

In addition, if you have pending cases, you must also file and serve notice of any change in contact information within 5 days of the change in each pending case. To do this, use “Notice of Change of Attorney Information” form. When filing the form electronically, use the Notice of Change of Attorney Information filing event, which appears under the Civil Events > Other Filings > Notices events category.