Charleston: Division 2 (Headquarters)

Division: 2 (Headquarters)

Counties: Boone, Clay, Fayette, Jackson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Logan, Mingo, Nicholas, Roane, Wirt and Wood.  

Phone Number: 304/347-3000

HANDICAPPED ACCESS to the Robert C. Byrd U. S. Courthouse is located on the Virginia Street (south) side of the building, with the visitor entrance located in the middle of the Charleston facility. Handicapped ramps and automatic doors are located at the main entrance. Elevators are available to transport you to all floors within the building. If you are unfamiliar with Charleston and need assistance in accessing this area, please call the Clerk’s Office at (304) 347-3000.

Street Address: 

Robert C. Byrd United States Courthouse
300 Virginia Street, East, Suite 2400
Charleston, WV 25301

Mailing Address: 

P. O. Box 2546
Charleston, WV 25329

Clerk of Court  
Teresa L. Deppner 304/347-3000
Chief Deputy  
Krystyna A. Gerencir 304/347-3000

Administrative Services 

Financial Specialist  
Betty Baldwin  304/347-3086
Court Services Specialist  
David Boyles 304/347-3086
Human Resources Specialist  
Korin Parsons 304/347-3086
Procurement Specialist  
Suzette Redford 304/347-3086
Financial and Budget Administrator  
Lisa Watts  304/347-3086


Director of Information Technology  
Chad Adkins
Information Resources Manager  
Kristin Booth  304/347-3005 
Programmer/Systems Administrator  
Jeffrey Brooks 304/347-3005 
Network Administrator  
Christopher Galaska 304/347-3005
Information Technology  Project Manager  
Michael Kinder 304/347-3005 
Web Developer  
Paul Rader 304/347-3005
Systems Manager  
Brian Shields 304/347-3005 
Information Technology Technician  
Mike Ward 304/347-3005

Courtroom Scheduling, Court Interpreters, and Court Reporters

Executive Assistant  
Lynn Cooper 304/347-3051

Jury Management, Attorney Admissions, and Naturalization 

Jury Administrator  
Karen Cullop-Mann 304/347-3062


Operations Manager  
Susan Howie  304/347-3002 
CM/ECF Administrator  
Steve Kelley  304/347-3086
Case Administrator  
Robert "Tre" Allison, III. 304/347-3002 
Case Administrator  
Larry Ash 304/347-3002 
Operations Support Clerk  
Eugenia Berger 304/347-3000
Case Administrator  
Jimi DeBord 304/347-3002 
Case Administrator  
Megan Kirk 304/347-3002 
Case Administrator  
Kerri Parent 304/347-3002
Case Administrator  
Teresa Quigley 304/347-3002 
Criminal Justice Act Clerk  
Deborah Reynolds 304/347-3000
Case Administrator  
Tony Riley 304/347-3002 
Generalist Clerk  
Tamara Roach 304/347-3002 
Case Administrator  
Tina Smith 304/347-3002 
Criminal Justice Act Supervising Attorney  
Angie Volk 304/347-3000
Case Administrator  
Marquitta Wilborne 304/347-3002 
Generalist Clerk  
Sophia Tran 304/347-3002 
Case Administrator  
Rebecca Craig 304/347-3000